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It's 2019, and I'm a decade late to the Blog party.

So how do I start... Well.. I guess I'll introduce myself... Hello! My name is Grant Wilson and I've never blogged before. The truth is.. I've wanted to do this for a long time. I've written and deleted several entries, but I never felt comfortable. Until today. Today something happened that made me decide to start this blog once and for all. Today I realized...... that I have been a dumbass. A big dumbass. I have allowed outside influences to change how I felt about myself, and I have not done things that I wanted to do because of it. Well... Here we are. Blog entry #1. Thank you for your patience while I find myself in the longform. I promise to write some good posts for you guys. I just have to figure out my flow first.. So what do I say now? I guess I could tell you that I'm addicted to guitar pedals.. but you probably already knew that. This addiction has taken me down some very strange paths, ultimately leading me to start a guitar effects pedal company which I now own and operate with my partner, Karen Schierhorn. Our company is called BIG EAR pedals.. And I'm assuming you DO know about BIG EAR pedals, as you probably wouldn't have made it this far down a random person's blog. But that said, there's probably a lot of stuff you don't know about us.. In five years A LOT has happened, so I plan to do at least one #throwbackthursday post each week to try to catch you all up. We'll also be using the blog as a "News" section for all things "BIG EAR pedals" related. And you may even see some random thoughts and commentary about current events in the gear world.. Either that, or I may just ramble on and on about my new favorite fuzz pedal! Only time will tell ;) That's all for now.. Thanks so much for reading!

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