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WOODCUTTER featured on Equipboard's "11 Best Distortion Pedals for Guitar.."

This is awesome! Thanks so much to the beautiful people of Equipboard for including us in their list of the 11 best distortion pedals for guitar! We are honored to be included among so many heavy hitters and legendary pedals! Not only did they review the WOODCUTTER, but they shot this great little shootout between the WOODCUTTER, a modern RAT2, and the Walrus Audio Iron Horse that you can watch below...

I won't tell you which one I like the most, but you can probably guess ;) Here's what Equipboard had to say :

"The BIG EAR Pedals WOODCUTTER feels special; it's hand-made in limited quantities by a husband and wife team. It'll also cost you nearly three times what a new RAT2 does. Is it worth it? To us, yes. Not that it's three times better than an original RAT, but it's dripping with sophistication and boutique feel, and puts a huge smile on our face every time we turn it on." And that puts a huge smile on our face :D To read the full review check out the link below!



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