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Black Water




Recently, we did a giveaway on the BIG EAR pedals Instagram where one of the requirements was to tell us your New Years Resolution.. and A LOT of you said the same thing: You wanted to finish an EP this year. So we thought maybe we could do something fun to help you realize this goal! ..and if nothing else, just to inspire some people to record some new music this year!



So we have teamed up with our good friend, Matt Schenck (Recording Engineer / Mixer from Philadelphia, PA) on a fun little competition where the winner will get a 4-song EP mixed and mastered remotely as well as receive two BIG EAR pedals of their choice to help make future recordings a little more fun!



First, you record an original song. (This can be tracked in any DAW of your choice, as long as the files match the requirements listed in the “technical info” section below.)


Then you submit a mixdown of your song to MIXMYEP@GMAIL.COM by 12:00am EST on 3/1/2021.  Make sure to include your IG username! (And don’t worry… your song will remain your property!)


Also, don’t worry about doing a perfect mix of your song.. a rough mix will be great. (That’s the point of this whole thing, anyway!)

Follow @mattyschenck on IG! After all, he's giving away several free mixes, let's show this guy some love! :)


THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, but should you post any photos/ videos of the recording process to your IG, please make sure to tag @mattyschenck and @bigearpedals and use the hashtag #mixmyepcontest so we can find your post and possibly re-share it!


During the following week (3/1/2021 - 3/8/2021) our panel of judges will rate all of the entries in the following three categories: Performance (40%), Songwriting/Composition (30%), and Lyrics (30%). After the votes have been tallied, we will come up with our THREE Semi-finalists who will advance to the next round and will be getting the full mix treatment on their song by Matt.

The three semi-finalists will be contacted to arrange transfer of their individual tracks for mixing, and upon completion, we will be sharing these three finished songs on the BIG EAR pedals Instagram on May 11th. (These mixes will be considered final and will be the property of the semi-finalist to do with as they please.)


For the following week, people will be able to vote by liking their favorite track and the post with the most likes by 12am PDT 5/19/2021 will be declared the Winner!

The winner will then get three more of their songs mixed and mastered, so long as they are submitted by the end of the year 2021. The mixes given to the winner will be considered final and will be the property of the winner to do with as they please.)


• We are asking that songs be no shorter than 1.5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.


• Session should be 24 or 32 bit with a 44.1 or 48k sample rate. (Most DAW default settings will be one of these )


• Each Instrument should be on its own separate track (unless it is a stylistic decision to to include multiple sound sources in a single track--ie. single mic'd room drums or gang vocals).


• All tracks and files must to be labeled accordingly.


• All tracks should be printed with NO fx or processing unless necessary for that sound.


• All midi tracks should be printed to audio.


• All tracks must start from the same point.

If you don’t have the ability to multi-track drums, don’t worry about that either.. Just record the beat however you can.. a drum machine, a virtual drummer, one mic on a kit, or even a track of you beatboxing or hitting a table—and Grant Wilson from BIG EAR will record a drum track for the three semi-finalists should they need it!

Again, the deadline for track submission is 12:00am on 3/1/2021.


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