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First glimpse of SHAKE: The Electric Shaker

SHAKE is an electric percussion instrument. Could it be the world's first electric shaker? Maybe! Is it the world's first electric shaker disguised as a guitar pedal? We're just gonna assume so! After all, who else would do something so silly? That's right.. we said it, so you don't have to! Now be gone, haters!

We know this is silly, but it is a very real product, and it is made for having very real fun... to inspire you to get loose and experiment with your other pedals in a new way.   At the heart of SHAKE is a small wooden box full of component lead trimmings from the guitar pedals that we make. Reduce, reuse, recycle! The box is fitted with a small piezo transducer which essentially acts as a microphone to pick up the percussive sounds of the shaker--Because of the transducer, you can tap the enclosure to create pointed sounds, you can shake it, you can even sing into it!   

SHAKE is perfect for loop artists, noise-makers, experimental musicians and anyone else who gets tired of stringed instruments from time to time.

And hey! For anyone interested in making your own electric shaker, please shoot us an email and we'll give you the rundown!

(Pedal chain from the video: SHAKE --> BIG EAR pedals WOODCUTTER --> Boss DD-3 --> Ibanez DE-7 --> Red Panda Lab Context)



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