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#TBT One-of-a-kind LOAF for Josh Scott of JHS pedals!

Photo Credit : Joshua Heath Scott

No, you're not looking at an unreleased JHS pedal... This is actually a one-of-a-kind LOAF fuzz that we made as a gag gift for our buddy, Josh Scott from JHS! We made this back in January of 2018, back when our name was still "BIG EAR n.y.c."

The goal was to make a pedal that looked EXACTLY like one of JHS's pedals. A JHS'd LOAF, so to speak. And I really love how it turned out! :)

Photo Credit : Joshua Heath Scott

We used all the same hardware and knobs, the white washers for the footswitch and dc jack, and matched the placement of the led and switch. Karen also did a fantastic job creating the "LOAF" artwork and matching the overall vibe of their graphics and text!

The logo on the front of the pedal still makes me laugh!

Photo Credit : Joshua Heath Scott

I even hand-wrote the custom serial number on the backplate with a fine-point Sharpie, the same way they do it at JHS.

And for the finishing touch, we filled the pedal box with the same red krinkle paper that comes with all JHS pedals! All in all, this was a silly project, but it was fun, and it turned out really well.. so I figured it was absolutely worth a #TBT entry! I hope you all enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed making it!



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